Discover Karakorum – One of the most beautiful places in the world

Discover Karakorum – One of the most beautiful places in the world

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Discover Karakorum – One of the most beautiful places in the world

Discover Karakorum – Karakorum, located in northern Mongolia, is a place where natural beauty is the main attraction.

Karakorum is famous as the home of Genghis Khan, who was one of the greatest Mongolian warriors. In fact, he conquered most of the known world. Nowadays, there are a lot of tourists and travelers visiting this place.

For a beginner traveler, a trip to Karakorum is surely a dream come true. This place is known for its unique scenery, amazing cultural activities and adventure activities. It is located in the southern part of Mongolia and covers a huge area of around 2,500 square kilometers. So, if you want to explore the beauty of nature and culture, then you will surely enjoy the tour.

Have you ever heard about the term Karakorum? Most of us haven’t. Karakorum is the name of a geographical region, a mountain, and a former capital of the Mongolian Empire. It is located in the north of the country and is the largest mountain range in Mongolia.

5 Amazing Facts About Karakorum

Discover Karakorum

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If you want to explore the hidden secrets of Mongolia, then you need to travel to Karakorum. It is one of the popular destinations in Asia because of its mesmerizing natural beauty.

Here five amazing facts about Karakorum that you need to know before going there.

1. Karakorum has a history

There is a legend that says that Karakorum is the capital of the Mongols, but it has never been verified by any source.

2. Karakorum is the capital of Mongolia.

Mongolia is a land of beautiful landscapes and stunning mountains. It is one of the largest countries in Asia and covers an area of 948, 000 square kilometers. Karakorum is the capital of the Mongolian People’s Republic.

3. Karakorum is the capital of one of the largest provinces of Mongolia.

It has the largest population and is the second-most populated province. The capital is Ulaanbaatar.

4. Karakorum has many old temples.

Karakorum is a beautiful city that is filled with historical monuments. There are many ancient buildings that date back to the 16th century.

5. Karakorum is an ideal place for hiking.

There is a beautiful place called Khongor Lake in the city. This lake is located on the top of the mountain, and it is surrounded by a high ridge.

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The 5 Best Places to Visit in Karakorum

The 5 Best Places to Visit in Karakorum

If you have a dream to visit Karakorum, then you should start preparing for the trip, as you will have lots of fun while visiting Karakorum.

The beauty of Karakorum is not just the natural beauty of the mountains but also its rich cultural history. It has been the center of power for centuries, and many important leaders and dynasties have ruled the region.

Here is the list of the five best places to visit in Karakorum.

  1. Karakorum National Park
    If you love to hike in the mountains, then this place is for you. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Mongolia. The best part of hiking is that it is a little challenging, and you can’t imagine it. You will be surprised by the beautiful view and experience of Karakorum.
  2. Khishigt
    This is the oldest city in Karakorum. Khishigt was built by Genghis Kha. Many old houses and buildings are found here. You can also buy traditional Mongolian handicrafts here.
  3. Old Chingeltei
    This is a monastery that was built in the 17th century by Lama Zasagt Khan. This is the first monastery built in the region, and it is considered the symbol of Mongolia. You can enjoy different activities here, like horseback riding, camel riding, and even snow biking.
  4. Chinggis Khaan Mausoleum
    This is another attraction in Karakorum that everyone loves to visit. The tomb of Chinggis Khaan is also called the resting place of the Mongols. You will find different items, like coins and clothes, that belonged to the king.
  5. Khalkhyn Gol
    If you are a military person, then you can go to this place, as it is the battlefield of the Great Mongol War. You will find different artifacts from the war.

    Karakorum, the land of blue skies, green grass, and wild mountains, is a Mongolian wilderness treasure.The region is known for its majestic landscapes and rich culture.

    There are numerous places in Mongolia that offer breathtaking views and cultural experiences. Among those places is Karakorum, a place with fascinating history and amazing landscapes. Karakorum is the second-largest city in Mongolia after Ulaanbaatar.

    It is the aimag’s capital and the largest city in the region. This small, yet charming town is home to some of the most popular monasteries in the country.

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    Top 8 Tips to Visit Karakorum in Mongolia

    Top 8 Tips to Visit Karakorum in Mongolia
    1. Pick your best travel time.
      Choose the best time to visit Karakorum, as the weather is extremely cold from December to February. If you prefer visiting the city during the winter, then you can choose March to May. In summer, you can visit the city from June to August.
    2. Pick the Perfect Destination
      Choose a destination where you will spend most of your time. If you want to stay longer in the city, then choose a hotel with a pool. You can book the hotels online and choose the one that suits your budget and requirements. You can also choose hotels that provide good food and service.
    3. Choose The Right Transport
      The first thing you will choose is the transport, and the best way to travel to Karakorum is to use the bus. You can book your tickets online and check the prices. You will get discounts if you book in advance. If you are traveling alone, then taxis are the best option.
    4. Choose the Best Route
      You can choose the best route if you are taking public transportation. You will have better facilities and will save money because you will not have to pay for transportation.If you are traveling in a group, then you can choose the same route and travel together.
    5. Choose the best hotel
      You will spend more money to stay in hotels, so choose one that has good facilities and service.You can search the hotels online and compare their prices and facilities.
    6. Choose the Best Food
      You will have to eat in the hotel, and if you want to stay there for a long time, then you will have to book a room with a kitchen. You will notice that the food quality varies from hotel to hotel.
    7. Choose The Best Accommodation
      When you are booking the accommodation, you have to consider the amenities, location, room size, etc. You can easily choose the accommodations with a pool and the ones that are close to the historical places.
    8. Book A Package
      The best thing to do is book a package if you are traveling to Karakorum for the first time. You can choose the best package that will save you time and money. You will also get a good discount if you book it in advance.

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        The best thing about Karakorum is that it is not a crowded place and the locals are very friendly. So, if you are planning to go there then it is one of the best places to visit.

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