Top 10 Best Places In Bayan-Olgii

Top 10 Best Places In Bayan-Olgii

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Top 10 Best Places In Bayan-Olgii

Top 10 Best Places In Bayan-Olgii – Bayan-Olgii is a very unique place, full of adventure, and it is one of the most favorite places in Mongolia. It is famous as the country of the Khalkha. The most striking thing about this place is that it is situated at a very high altitude, which makes it snow-capped in winter.

It is a must-visit place because of its beauty and its diverse culture. Here we will discuss the best places to visit in Bayan-Olgii.

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Bayan-Olgii, which is considered a hidden treasure by the tourists. There are many places that are unknown to the outside world, and these places are very popular among the people. I have put up a list of the top 10 best places in Bayan-Olgii.

Bayan-Olgii Location

Let’s see what the best places are in Bayan-Olgii.

1. Shari Bagh

The name of the park is derived from the Shari River, which has been a major river in Bayan-Olgii. The whole area has been named Shari Bagh. Shari Bagh is the best place for photographers and nature lovers. You can enjoy the greenery and the mountains in the entire area.

You can have a nice walk on the bridge, which is made of marble and was built recently. The river flows through the park.

You can have a nice walk along the park. Shari Bagh is also a beautiful garden in the park.

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2. Kalpakkam

This is the only wildlife sanctuary in Bayan-Olgii where you can experience the wild life and the beauty of the environment.

Kalpakkam is a beautiful place, which is why people come here for their vacations. This place is an ideal destination for wildlife lovers who love to see and experience the wild. You can visit Kalpakkam on foot or by bicycle. On foot, you can explore the reserve area. On a bicycle, you can enjoy the ride.

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3. Gajraula

Gajraula is located on the eastern side of the Bayan-Olgii. It is the largest forest in Bayan-Olgii.

Gajraula is the name of the area where the forest is situated and is also the name of a river.

It is the most beautiful place in Bayan-Olgii. The beauty of Gajraula is that it is the most beautiful place in Bayan-Olgii. The natural beauty of the forest attracts tourists and people from around the world.

This place has a large number of people who are fond of traveling and tourism.

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4. Kudurhamai

Kudurhamai is a temple complex that is built around the temple of the deity. The place is known as the holy land for the Buddhist community.

People travel from around the world to come and visit the holy place and make offerings to the Buddha and his disciples.

Kudurhamai is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Mongolia. There are many temples, monasteries, statues, and murals to see. There are over 20 temples in this complex.

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5. Shree Sathya Sai Mandir

Shree Sathya Sai Mandir is a famous Hindu temple. The temple is situated on the northern side of Bayan-Olgii.

It is very beautiful and has a lot of historical importance for the local people. The temple is very famous because of its natural beauty.

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6. Thammanam Wildlife Sanctuary

This is the only wildlife sanctuary in Bayan-Olgii. The place is famous for its natural beauty, and it has many flora and fauna species.

There are a number of different species in this park. There are also wild animals like elephants, black bears, and tigers.

In the park, there are many types of birds, butterflies, reptiles, and fish. It is home to a variety of animals.

You can see these and other species of animals by visiting the Thammanam Wildlife Sanctuary.

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7. Kani Parvat

This is the only peak in Bayan-Olgii. You can visit this mountain and enjoy the scenic beauty and nature.

The place you visit will depend on your preferences. You can go for the sunset view or enjoy the mountain peak.

If you want to spend some quality time with your family, friends, or loved one, you can also enjoy the picnic.

You will have the opportunity to explore the natural beauty and see the natural forest.

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8. Chilka Lake

Chilka Lake is the second-largest saltwater lake in the country. The place is very beautiful, and you can enjoy the natural beauty.

Chilka Lake is very famous because of its saltwater and is very attractive to tourists. The people of the area love to take baths in the water of this lake. The lake attracts many migratory birds every year. The number of migratory birds has increased in recent years. The best season for the visit of the migratory birds is from November to February.

The migratory birds include waders, storks, pelicans, sandpipers, egrets, ducks, cranes, geese, and gulls.

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9. Chilapatta

Chilapatta is the highest point in Bayan-Olgii. You can enjoy the views of the entire valley and the beautiful views of the ocean.

From the top of Chilapatta, you can see different volcanoes. Mt. Shkurla, which is the first one. There are another three volcanoes. And from the base of Mt. Shkurla, you can see many small volcanoes.

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10. Chilkavati

Chilkavati is the most beautiful view of the entire region. You can enjoy the views of the whole Bayan-Olgii region from this beautiful hill station.

The hill station is famous for its cool climate, lush green trees, and beautiful meadows. You can also enjoy the natural beauty of the area and get away from the crowd.

You will get a chance to enjoy the panoramic views of the entire Bayan-Olgii and its surrounding mountains.


There are many more places in Bayan-Olgii that are famous and attract a lot of tourists. So, if you have not visited these places, you can visit them to experience the beauty and the culture of Bayan-Olgii.

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