What Last Rites Mean in Elden Ring

What Last Rites Mean in Elden Ring

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What Last Rites Mean in Elden Ring
What Last Rites Mean in Elden Ring

What Does Last Rites Do Elden Ring? The answer to that question lies in the very heart of the game. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of last rites, it is a religious or spiritual ceremony performed on someone who is about to pass away. In Elden Ring, however, it takes on a much more significant meaning.

Last rites in Elden Ring are not just a mere formality or a way to honor the dead. They are a powerful tool that can be used to gain an advantage in battle. By performing last rites on fallen enemies, players can tap into their souls and gain access to new abilities and powers.

This mechanic adds a whole new layer of strategy to the game, as players must not only defeat their enemies but also decide whether to perform last rites on them or not. It also encourages exploration and experimentation, as players must seek out different types of enemies to discover all the different abilities and powers that can be gained through last rites.


Introduction: What are Last Rites?

Last Rites are an integral part of the Elden Ring universe. They refer to a ritual that players can perform in the game to honor the fallen and bring peace to their souls. These rites are performed by invoking the power of the Elden Ring, a mystical object that serves as the central plot device of the game. In the Elden Ring universe, Last Rites are considered a sacred duty that must be performed by all who enter into battle. They are said to have the power to ease the pain of the dying, guide their souls to the afterlife, and protect the living from the wrath of the dead. While the concept of Last Rites may seem simple at first glance, they play a critical role in the game’s lore and mechanics. In this article, we will explore the various ways in which Last Rites impact the gameplay of Elden Ring, as well as their implications for the game’s storyline and endgame.

The Role of Last Rites in Elden Ring’s Lore

Last Rites are deeply rooted in the mythology and lore of Elden Ring. According to legend, the Elden Ring was created by the gods to bring balance and order to the world. The ring is said to possess immense power, capable of granting wishes and controlling the forces of nature. However, over time the Elden Ring was shattered, plunging the world into chaos. The shards of the ring were scattered across the land, and those who possess them wield great power. The game’s main antagonist, The Queen Marika, seeks to gather the shards and use them to gain ultimate power and control over the world. Performing Last Rites is an essential part of the player’s journey through the game. By performing these rites, players can honor the fallen and help restore balance to the world. Additionally, performing Last Rites can unlock powerful abilities and items, making them a crucial part of the gameplay mechanics.

How Last Rites Impact Gameplay Mechanics

Last Rites have a significant impact on the gameplay mechanics of Elden Ring. Players who perform these rites can gain access to powerful abilities and items that can help them in battle. For example, performing Last Rites on fallen enemies can sometimes result in rare drops, such as weapons or armor. Additionally, performing Last Rites on friendly NPCs can sometimes result in new quests or storylines becoming available. Furthermore, performing Last Rites on fallen allies can sometimes result in their spirits appearing to assist players in battle. These spirits can provide an invaluable boost in combat, helping players to overcome even the toughest foes.

The Benefits of Performing Last Rites

The benefits of performing Last Rites are numerous. In addition to unlocking powerful abilities and items, performing these rites can also help players to better understand the game’s lore and mythology.Moreover, performing Last Rites is considered a noble and honorable act within the game’s universe. By honoring the dead, players can earn the respect and admiration of other characters in the game, potentially unlocking new opportunities and rewards.

The Consequences of Ignoring Last Rites

While performing Last Rites can bring many benefits, ignoring them can have dire consequences. In the Elden Ring universe, failing to perform Last Rites on the fallen can result in their souls becoming trapped on the mortal plane, unable to find peace in the afterlife. Furthermore, ignoring Last Rites can also result in the wrath of the dead being unleashed upon the living. This can take the form of powerful curses or even vengeful spirits seeking revenge on those who failed to honor them properly.

Strategies for Navigating Last Rites in Elden Ring

Navigating Last Rites in Elden Ring can be challenging, especially for new players. However, there are several strategies that can help make the process easier.Firstly, players should make sure to perform Last Rites on all fallen enemies and allies. This will not only help to unlock new abilities and items but also ensure that the souls of the fallen find peace in the afterlife.Secondly, players should pay attention to the game’s lore and mythology. Understanding the significance of Last Rites and the Elden Ring can help players better navigate the game’s challenges and unlock its full potential.Finally, players should not be afraid to experiment with different strategies and approaches to performing Last Rites. The game rewards creativity and exploration, so players who are willing to take risks and try new things are more likely to succeed.

Implications of Last Rites for Storyline and Endgame

The implications of Last Rites for the storyline and endgame of Elden Ring are significant. By performing these rites, players can unlock new storylines and quests, potentially leading to new endings and outcomes.Moreover, the significance of the Elden Ring and Last Rites in the game’s mythology suggests that these concepts will play a critical role in the game’s ultimate resolution. Players who understand the significance of these concepts are more likely to achieve a successful outcome and unlock the game’s full potential.


In conclusion, Last Rites are an essential part of the Elden Ring universe. They play a critical role in the game’s lore and mechanics, impacting everything from gameplay to storyline and endgame. By understanding the significance of Last Rites and the Elden Ring, players can unlock the game’s full potential and achieve a successful outcome. So, honor the fallen, restore balance to the world, and seek the power of the Elden Ring.

What Does Last Rites Do in Elden Ring?

1. What are Last Rites in Elden Ring?

Last Rites is a feature in Elden Ring that allows players to revive themselves after dying. This mechanic is similar to the bonfire system in Dark Souls, where players can respawn at certain checkpoints throughout the game world.

2. How do Last Rites Work?

In order to use Last Rites, players must first obtain a Last Rites item. Once acquired, the item can be consumed to revive the player upon death. However, the item can only be used once before it is depleted, so players must use it strategically.

3. Are there any drawbacks to using Last Rites?

While Last Rites can be a lifesaver in Elden Ring, there are some potential drawbacks to using the item. First, as mentioned earlier, the item can only be used once before it is depleted. Additionally, using Last Rites will also reset the player’s progress in the game world, forcing them to restart from the last checkpoint. Finally, using Last Rites too frequently can also result in a penalty to the player’s overall score.

4. Can Last Rites be upgraded?

Yes, Last Rites can be upgraded by obtaining and using Last Rites+ items. These upgraded versions of the item offer additional uses and may also provide other benefits such as improved stats or increased resistance to certain types of damage.

5. Where can I find Last Rites in Elden Ring?

Last Rites can be found throughout the game world in various locations. Some may be hidden in secret areas or guarded by tough enemies, while others may be rewarded for completing certain quests or defeating bosses. Players should explore the world thoroughly in order to find as many Last Rites items as possible.

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